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Lipsy - Affiliate

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Affiliate Program

Who Should Join?

If you have a website about fashion, shopping or beauty and you receive most of your traffic from women aged 16-30, then our affiliate program is definitely for you! Join our program to make money from your website, whether it’s a blog, online publication or store.

Why Become An Affiliate?

You’ll receive commission on every Lipsy sale made from traffic via your site! We offer up to date banners, text and product links to help you achieve these sales and allow you to link Lipsy directly to your website.

You’ll also be kept up to date with newsletters announcing any product launches, news and promotions throughout the year. So, whenever someone clicks through to Lipsy via your site and places a sale, you’ll earn a commission. It’s pretty simple! We also have widgets and gadgets available to make it even easier for you to link through other online platforms like Twitter or Wordpress.

Want More Information?

For more info on how to apply for our affiliate program, go to www.linkshare.co.uk and look under ‘Publishers’, then click ‘Join Today’. It’s completely free to sign up! Alternatively, you can email our Program Manager at lipsy@linkshare.com

At Lipsy we will not tolerate any sites that contain explicit or offensive content.