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The Lipsy model search continues

Wed 04 Aug 2010

The Lipsy model search continues

Lipsy model search

Remember when we told you about our Lipsy Model Search - a hunt to find the face of new Lipsy fragrance, 'In the Spotlight'? Well the competition is getting hotter than the front row at a Justin Bieber concert. Thousands of gorgeous Lipsy girls have already entered the spotlight through our Facebook page. We always knew you were a beautiful bunch!

It's no surprise the competition has proved so popular, as the prize is fantastic. The lucky winner will receive a £2,500 Lipsy winter wardrobe, get £2,500 in cash, and win a weekend for two in Paris. As if that wasn't enough, they'll also be crowned as the first ever Miss Lipsy - and with it get a place in the finals of Miss England 2011.

While we've loved seeing your pictures (and we want you to keep them coming), it's nothing like meeting you in person - and that's why we've decided to get out and about to do some scouting ourselves. So if you think you've got what it takes to be the new face of Lipsy, why not come and meet us?

We'll be at Mcqueen in Shoreditch on Thursday night (5 August). So what are you waiting for? Pick your best Lipsy outfit, pull on your dancing shoes and come and join us.

Good luck, and see you there.

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Comments (7)

argelia wilkes 09 Aug 2010

can you tell me why in this compettion held by Facebook, some of the top girls specially the first one, never move and on top of that is asking her netword friends to vote for the other two how are behing her, I am sorry but that see me a little cheecky to joing forces like that, asking her mutuals friends to vote for the others two...while the others girls are figthing thr way up..asking just her only friends...plus the girl call Afrora never moves fo more than a week, can you check that all the votes are from real people????

YL 16 Aug 2010

find it a bit unfair that you have to be 18 to enter because must of the girls to vote for don't deserve to win or to come near the finals but thats just my view of it.

Emma 16 Aug 2010

Omg! I really want to enter!!! How old do you have to be to enter it? Thanks. Love , EmmaVictoriaaa'x

Anonymous 20 Aug 2010

Could you please tell me how to sign a family member up for this competition. Thanks Joanne

Anonymous 21 Aug 2010

it would be amazing if i could get it

Louise 05 Oct 2010

how do i apply?

Yasmin 25 May 2011

How do I apply for modleing for lipsy ? X

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