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Pixie Lott on her new collection, celebrity friends & plans for the summer

Thu 08 Jul 2010

Pixie Lott on her new collection, celebrity friends & plans for the summer

Pixie Lott Lipsy interview

Congratulations on the success of your first collection with Lipsy. Are you happy with how the collection was went?
Yes I'm really happy with the success of the first collection. I think it's amazing to see girls out & about in my clothes. I was in Hyde Park at a Stevie Wonder concert the other day and I saw a girl in my Pom Pom dress and denim waistcoat, I went over to the girl and was like 'wow, you look amazing!' The girl was shocked, it was cool!

Is it strange to see other celebrities in your clothes?
I love it, and I think it's cool to see celebrities showing support towards celebrity clothing lines.

You performed at 'T4 on the Beach' on Sunday, how do you think the performance went? And who did you enjoy seeing at the festival?
T4 on the Beach was great, the crowd were lots of fun and I always enjoy watching Dizzee Rascal. Dizzee's was my favourite performance of the day.

You gave us our very first preview of one of the new pieces from you're A/W collection at T4 on the Beach and we loved it! The playsuit was gorgeous, when can we buy our own?
I absolutely love the playsuit from my new collection. The backless detailing is so sexy and the design allows me to dance & move around easily which is important for me when I'm performing on stage, I like to be comfortable in what I'm wearing. The studded detailing adds a great rock chic edge, and I added gold necklaces to accessorise. I wear chains with everything! The new collection is available at the end of September, I can't wait!

You were recently on a UK tour with Rihanna, how was it to support Rihanna? Were you nervous and did you get any good tips?
Yeah the tour was lots of fun! Rihanna is really friendly and a lovely girl, so I wasn't nervous I was more excited. Rihanna is talented and works very hard, it's paid off for her, so that has inspired me to work harder.

Have you made any celebrity friends whilst performing at the festivals this summer?
You get friendly with most of the artists as we're in the charts together and all tend to hang out together backstage at festivals, it's cool to hangout.

Who's the most famous person in your mobile phone?
Ahhh I'm not sure, I lose my phone a lot, let me see...(Pixie gets out her Blackberry)...I've got Chipmunk, Diana Vickers, Frankie & Rochelle from The Saturdays, Daniel & Natasha Bedingfield, Joe Jonas, Tinie Temper, Louise Spence, Marvin from JLS, Jason Derulo, and Professor Green but I lose my phone a lot so I've lost some numbers!

How was it working with Jason Derulo on your new album, we love him at Lipsy HQ, what's he like?
Jason Derulooooo! He's lovely, he's such a talented guy and very professional, I learnt a lot from him.

What are your plans for the summer?
Besides festivals, I'm going back to America to work and then I'm going on a girls holiday with friends.

Do you have any holiday essentials?
My holiday essentials are definitely sunscreen, my Raybans and my new Lipsy bikini's and Lipsy beach bag.

And what's your 2010 summer anthem?
It's got to be Jason Derulo Riding Solo, 'I'm putting on my shades to cover up my eyes...'

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Comments (13)

Anonymous 12 Jul 2010

i was wondering if the cream pixe lott dress with the high neckline and ruffle bottom will be coming back in stock. i have a black one from lipsy that is similar and really like the style of the dress.The dress was shown on the website when pixie's first collection was launched but went very quickly??

emily 12 Jul 2010

Aww pixie lott is so nice! I've got a lot of clothes from her collection and im really look forward to her new clothing range. I saw her live at the rihanna concert and she totally rocked, i was so proud of her. Well done pixie! love you loads. xxxxx

Rickarna 14 Jul 2010

Hey pixie if u go on this website i would just like to say u are my idol and that one day i hope to meet u face to face but i am seeing u at the brighton centre 4th december see u then bye luv u sooooo much xoxoxoxox

Anonymous 27 Jul 2010

T4 on the beach was awesome! :>

shannon 01 Aug 2010

i love pixie she is realy kind and doesn't let fame get to her head.Her fashon sence is AWSOME and her songs are realy coooool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

sarah 15 Aug 2010

Pixzie Lott i luv luv luv ur collection. My favourite has got to be the leopard print dress. i also luv u and ur music!.xxx

haidee 26 Aug 2010

Love pixis lotts lipsy range totally cute xxx www.haideeandco.blogspot.com

charlotte 29 Aug 2010

pixie lott is amazing love her she is really kind and she has great fashion sence and she is has amazing songs and they really are good she takes time and thought to them she always has a great theme to them and i know wht she is singing about and the clothes line in lipsy is really fashionable and up to date !! :-) x

Lexx 22 Sep 2010

Hi pixie i hope you get to read this... I pretty much base my style on you, i also have a scrabble ring. I have been told i look a bit like you and would like to know when your new lipsy range is out. I have some parties coming up and there's something that has caught my eye already. I'm seeing you in london at hammersmith apollo in december and can't wait. xxx

abriella 17 Nov 2010

i need info about jason derulo and u

Brittany 18 Apr 2011

i love Pixie Lott! you were absolutely fab at the Rihanna concert! and your clothes collection is just soo cute:]!! <3<3<3<3<3

chelsea 20 Feb 2012

aww pixie (victoria) you're amazing totaly stunning i love your clothing line it's gorgeous ! I was at the Rihanna concert and i didn't know you were going to be there and when my mum told me i didn't believe her and then you came on the stage you were amazing keep it up !!! Chelsea xxx

lisa 12 Jul 2012

i love u shop it is the best keep up because u are amazing xxx i love u,re shop :D

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