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Pixie Lott talks to Lipsy

Wed 31 Mar 2010

Pixie Lott talks to Lipsy

Pixie Lott Lipsy interview

Walking barefoot around Kensington Roof Gardens in a floaty white dress, it's obvious that Pixie Lott is ready for summer when we catch up with her, perhaps because she's just back from shooting her 'Pixie Loves Lipsy' collection in Spain's warmer climes.  "It was amazing to go to Marbella and be in the sunshine," Pixie enthuses. "I loved doing the festival stuff as the makeup was a bit crazy. I also love accessories, so we had fun with scarves and hats and I took a creative role in the way I looked."

Pixie talks style
Having started wearing Lipsy at a young age, Pixie knows that "when girls look for something to wear on a weekend, they go to Lipsy" and feels that her collection sums up her style perfectly.
"The collection is very me and that's why it was great to do the two looks - festival and party - as I love festivals and I love going out. It's good for people looking for something to wear over the summer and for the weekends."
Pixie describes her style as "vintage-inspired with a mix of contemporary fashion and designer", and the collection is just as eclectic, with her favourite pieces spanning current trends. "I really like this white pom-pom dress as it's vintage-looking, so I'll definitely be wearing it at the festivals this year. I also love the red and black lace bodice party dress which I'd wear out on a Friday or Saturday night. "Then there's the white lace backless dress - I love any kind of backless style and I think a lot of my friends will like that as well," she adds.

Pixie talks make-up
Sitting cross-legged, and happy to have pictures taken with fans within the Lipsy family, it's clear that Pixie is one laid-back pop star - so much so that she tells us it takes her just 30 minutes to get ready for a night out! "If I have half an hour, I can do that definitely - it just depends how much time I have. If it's two hours, it can take that long too. "However long you have, if you're doing smoky eyes you have to do that before you do your base and cheeks because it can get messy and you don't want to have to start over."

Pixie talks music
With two number-one singles under her belt, as well as a platinum-selling debut album, it's hard to believe that Pixie is still just 19. If she wasn't one of the country's favourite pop stars, she says would still be at Italia Conti Academy of Theatre Arts with her friends, singing, dancing, acting or "doing anything entertainment-focused". "You've got to be an opportunist in this game," she says. "If you want it you have to go for every audition, every opportunity. "I used to scour the internet and papers all the time. But I think if you have the right dedication and persistence you'll get there."

Pixie talks men
With a stunning look, amazing talent and fun-loving personality, it seems that Pixie could have any man she chose, so who would that be? "I don't have any unusual celebrity crushes," she smiles coyly. "It's just the usuals like Rob Pattinson and Ashton Kutcher, but I bet everyone says that!" And what would you do if you met them? "I don't know actually," she laughs. "Say 'hi'?" With this it becomes clear that even gorgeous pop stars can get a bit star-struck and giggly at times, and it's this down-to-earth attitude that makes Pixie one of our favourite celebs. We can't wait to get our hands on the pieces in her exclusive Lipsy collections!

The 'Pixie Loves Lipsy' festival and party ranges will be available in stores and online from late April.

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